Luckystars Bostons



Please take a few minutes to browse our site which is devoted to our passion – Boston Terriers. We thank our LUCKYSTARS that we found the right breed for us. Fred & Charlotte Comstock and Luckystars Boston Terriers are newly located in the midlands of South Carolina where quality breeding and care of our dogs are the goals of our lives.

Our Beginnings

We purchased our first Boston Terrier, King Philip’s Venus, CD, CGC, in 1993 and from then on we were hooked. We started out in performance events and expanded to conformation and then to breeding, our first litter was whelped in 1995. We believe breeding is truly an art form which requires a deep passion, talent, focus, love, and a total commitment. All of our Boston Terrier puppies live with families who are giving them the attention, care, and the love they need. We have been fortunate that many of our puppies have excelled in the show ring, and all of our puppies make wonderful, loving, family pets. We must thank all those who have our dogs and spoil them thoroughly by lavishing them with love and care, most of whom we would never have had the privilege of knowing if it were not for the dogs.


During all of this we became very involved with Boston Terrier and all-breed clubs. We continue our involvement with the clubs and hold or have held leadership positions with the Boston Terrier Club of America, Boston Terrier Club of Connecticut, Minuteman Boston Terrier Club, St. Hubert Kennel Club, and our looking forward to becoming involved with the clubs in our new location. Over the years we have made many wonderful friends through our involvement with Bostons and we hope to make many more in the future.